Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Duty Calls

I've been sick it for what seems like weeks now with what started as a very minor cold nearly a month ago and then turned into a sinus infection which decided to make its way down into my lungs.  Fortunately, antibiotics have been invented and thus my finally feeling like I have turned a corner in the never ending cold saga.  I am constantly battling the old antagonist of my pathetic and unreliable immune system... and it is probably a sign that I need to quit pretending to "eat" my children and putting their feet in my mouth to chew on their toes despite all the giggles as I admitted to my mom last week.  She agreed that this might have something to do with it. 

In spite of being sick, I have been attempting to keep up with life in general since both boys were sick, kindergarten started, and Brian had deadlines again at work which usually means he needs to stay late and work weekends. 

Life with a chronic illness is interesting especially when it is an invisible one.  No one really can see the effects of the fibromyalgia that I constantly feel, but I still need to live life.  And yet, even in my pain, I don't want to just wallow in my illness; I want to live as fully as possible.  It is a lesson that I have been constantly learning about trying to be faithful to God and my commitments of family even when it isn't easy.  That and to buy the large family pack of tissue. 

And while I would love to elaborate more, the irony is that these commitments are calling since my two year old is having a melt down and calling me thus I need to go take care of him.  I'm just not going to "eat" his toes though!

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  1. Oh, but eating toes is so much fun! You are a great mommy :)