Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bite-Sized Fun

Our local grocery store usually has great manager's specials so when Luke and I went early Wednesday morning after sending Ethan off to kindergarten, we picked up some fun treats for lunch.  Stephen saw a special on potato skins right after I told him he could pick whatever he wanted which meant those glorified french fries came home with us.  I heated them up, grabbed one and went back to unpacking the groceries and left him to eat lunch.

When I came back a minute later to check on him, I noticed that each remaining potato skin had a bite taken out.  Because identical looking potato skins regularly come in different flavors, I suppose.

What isn't pictured though is the fact that the little to go cup of sour cream had been licked clean and my child looked an unusual, creamy white.  Apparently, sour cream is a dish in its own right as well as a condiment.  It is an important reminder that I either need to portion out Luke's allotment rather than allowing him to help himself or be okay with eating already-been-sampled food.  Embarrassingly enough, Ethan, Brian and I all ate some post-Luke without batting an eye.  Such are the culinary adventures in this chicken nugget, mac and cheese, happy meal stage of life.

On the plus side, I did hear Luke voluntarily pray before he ate which definitely makes up for the sour cream finger painting!

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