Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Can't Believe I Said That

As I was trying to think of something deeper to write on, I was far too distracted by my incredibly aching body to come up with anything meaningful.  And while one might think this is just another episode of fibromyalgia, it actually isn't and my pain is all due to a stupid mommy decision:  I played "horsey" with the kids for far longer than I should have.  Ironically, as I was doing it, I was joking with Brian that playing with the kids like that gives me 42 and 36 pounds, respectively, worth of weight training as well as cardio.  Now, about two hours after playtime, my abs are so sore that I can barely make myself sit up. 

And this got me thinking about another one of my not-so-grand moments. 

Not too long ago, Luke was running amok at Target and I literally told him to act like a grown up.  Yup.  I still can't believe that I said that.

He looked at me so funny, I could see the thoughts running through that two year old mind going, "I thought so but now I know for sure: she really is crazy!"

And while I apologized for being way too demanding and he thought it was funny, I am really thankful that there is grace for my failings.  Even though I mess up as a parent periodically, God is still in control and I hope that my ability to acknowledge stuff to my kids will help them see the work that God is doing in me.  That and they can laugh at me for not being able to move from playing too much "horsey" like I know they will tomorrow!

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