Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Midnight Musings

Last night, at about 8:30, I was sitting in the JFK airport in New York waiting for my flight to get home.  Brian and I took a mini-vacation over the weekend and on the way home, I realized that I needed to write something to post this morning since I hadn't worked in advance quite enough to ensure that everything would go on uninterrupted.

As I mentally began the writing process and was drawing a blank, I asked Brian who was very involved in the Ravens vs. Jets game at the time.  It took several attempts to get his attention, specifically due to Flacco's interceptions and being sacked in which Seth started to yell at the screen (guess who Seth's fantasy football quarterback is), I asked, "What should I post about?"

"You don't have anything scheduled?  Don't worry about it; it is going to be too late and you are just going to want to go to bed."

"But, I have too!  I can't just have nothing new up!  I said I would post every day except weekends and holidays!  I need to get something up!"

"But, no one is going to care if you are a few hours later."

While I was about to thank him for his overwhelming vote of confidence, the conversation ended because something else happened in which Seth's fantasy football points went even more negative.

By the time we got into our city, to our car, and picked up the boys, I was feeling really tired much like someone had predicted.  On the drive home, at 12:22 am, I started musing on the fact that more bugs were out than normal and found it very amusing that they were flying into the headlights of our car.  At 12:24 am, I thought I saw a deer with only one leg though it just turned out to be a mailbox.  I don't know why I was so worried about the one legged deer running in front of our car...  And, at 12:25 am, I started wondering why we say "a healthy portion" which really means that it is just a big portion and probably not at all actually "healthy".  And yet, we never say "an unhealthy portion".  This led us into a discussion of all the weird ways we say things in the English language, especially all the ways to make things negative like the prefixes un-, non-, and ir-.  After midnight, the question of why we need all these ways seemed to be extremely important and kind of funny.

By the time we arrived home, I realized, using my last bit of function gray matter, I was in no condition to write anything coherent as per above musings.  So, I am late posting this morning, but on the plus side, it is evidence of how things are definitely funnier really late a night.

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