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Home Sweet Home  Since I'm married to an architect, we have a lot of fun doing house projects together!  Brian is really handy which comes in handy since all of our projects are done on a small budget and even if we weren't, I love figuring out how to do things ourselves and spending time together working on it.  Like the Proverbs 31 woman, I've always wanted our house to be a refuge; a place we want to come home to and a place where I can be creative.  We do everything on a budget since we need to be responsible with money as God asks us to.  Luckily, home design isn't rocket science and most things are pretty easy to do yourself.  I've attempted to share a bunch of "how to's" and inspiration in these links.  It is totally do-able!  Here are our projects:

 Space Saving Mudroom Renovation - board and batten organizing
 In The Jungle Part 2 - The finished Jungle theme nursery
 In The Jungle Part 1 - Glow in the Dark Starry Night Sky Ceiling Mirror Mirror - Master Bath Dual Mirror Remodel
 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - Powder Room Remodel

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