Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Starbucks, We Have a Problem

I have been drinking way too much coffee lately; coffee is one of my go to comfort items and with my fibro flaring and getting sick a few times after losing our baby in September, we'll just say that there is some in the coffee pot more often than not these days. 

The problem is that my three year old Luke is just like his mama in his love for the beverage and despite my attempts to get him off it, his java addiction remains.  His usual modus operandi is to sneak coffee from other people's cups so the unsuspecting mug owner looks down to find theirs either gone or at a significantly lower level.  People are most often surprised to find that he likes it and shocked to learn that he screams, "NEED COFFEE!!!" if I have it and refuse to give him some (this is decaf too, might I add, just in case you were concerned).

The general consensus for treatment was to give him black coffee and then he'd get over it really fast.  I was about to try it when it happened unintentionally one day without success.

Luke pulled over a chair to get to the coffee pot with cold, black coffee in it and had at it.  I think I have the only preschooler on the planet that likes black coffee, room temperature nonetheless.  At least it was decaf...  So, the black coffee deterrent method is a no go so anyone have any other ideas? 

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  1. Should I send a Starbucks card for Christmas...hahaha! He is too funny! Yep, he belongs to our family :)