Adventures in Parenting  We feel very blessed to have three hilarious biological boys and are foster parents to a precious little girl.  My parenting philosophy is to focus on character building since good behavior generally follows strong character.  I don't pretend to have it all together since I don't know if any parent really does (although someone said that I do, but this was completely ironic given the situation)!  We are busy and tired with four kids, but we laugh all the time.  I feel like I am constantly learning too as we try to teach our boys to be men of God. 

 Expecting the Unexpected- remembering to laugh, even when you want to cry

Courageous Parenting  - sticking to your guns isn't for cowards

An Answer to Prayer - sharing Christ with kiddos I've Learned About God From Being a Parent -                                                           growing closer to God through parenthood

Why My Kids Eat Salad  - dealing with picky eaters

Dare to Discipline? - attitude is crucial in discipline for both kids and parents

Let's Just Call it a Graphic Print - laughing about unexpected artwork

On Contentment   - don't wish away these special (i.e. exhausting) years

      Sleep Deprivation  - parenting while exhausted

I Called It:  The Post Birthday Blues -  finding value in things that last

S'more Experiments - attempting to behaviorally train kids

I Can't Believe I Said That -  not so grand mommy moments

Just When...  - finding joy and adventure in parenting... even if it isn't what you planned

Naptime - being thankful for quiet moments

With a Grain of Salt - teaching children truthfulness

Sometimes You Just Need a Shop Vac - dealing with unexpected messes

Keeping Perspective -  object lessons with a sick kiddo 

Riddles in the Dark:  Our Personal Edition -  adventures in room sharing

Outnumbered - dealing with girl/ boy differences and personal desires in parenting

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