Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back To School Night Revealed

Monday night was our very first Back to School Night as parents; it is very strange now to be the parent in this situation as I feel like the veil of mystery that shrouded what happens at parent/teacher functions has now been drawn back.

Brian and I sat in the tiny little chairs around tiny little tables while we listened to general classroom information.  I remember my kindergarten classroom seeming cavernous and all the furniture sized for giants but can attest now that kindergarten rooms of today are not meant for 6'2 men nor 5'7 women.  I'm just glad I didn't wear heels.

I discovered that kindergarten homework is optional although the kids are never supposed to know this.

The teachers think it is just as funny as I do that the kids can't wait to come back to school after the long weekend. 

I finally found out who this Mr. P is that my son has been talking about since his first day of school and now feel silly asking Ethan to introduce him to me since he is actually a huge screen that runs interactive activities from a computer called something along the lines of a Prometheus learning center.  Mr. P is for short and no wonder Ethan looked at me funny and told me that it was "too complicated" for me.

The teachers have a jar filled with post-it notes of quotes from the kids.  One of the earliest contributions: "When are we going to see our real mommies?"  I already know my son will be a big contributor.

In order to ensure notes actually make it to the teacher, pinning them to our children's shirts is preferred.  I'm glad to see that these women really understand my son... except that I might need to use duct tape since pins may not be strong enough to withstand impromptu Jedi battles. 

Thus begins my adventure on the other side!

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