Monday, July 16, 2012

Technical Difficulties

I really have to apologize since it may well appear that I have dropped off the face of the planet since it has been several weeks since I last posted.  Despite my intentions of posting at least once I week, I have failed.  Shortly after I wrote the last post, my computer decided to stage a grand rebellion by way of turning off unexpectedly when my husband was trying to sync iTunes with my iPod for me.  For his kind gesture, he was  rewarded with a very long ordeal of trying to get the thing to turn on again.  It did not want to.  After several diagnostic attempts (which are very tricky when the computer won't even turn on, might I add), we lost all hope for its recovery when we realized the motherboard was fried.  Rest in Peace, cute blue Dell laptop!

However, this has left me computerless and a bit posting-challenged.  My post tonight comes courtesy of a borrowed computer (thanks, Brian!).  In the meantime, I have realized that I am far too dependent on my computer.