Giggles  We joke all the time that we don't need much of an entertainment budget because it is hilarious around here with our kids.  Let's just say there is a really good reason that so me of their nicknames are "Monkey", "Trouble" and "Gremlin"!  Between taking care of kids, living with a chronic illness, and foster parenting, we have to keep a sense of humor.  Why don't you click on our stories and laugh with us!

Starbucks, We Have a Problem! Expecting the Unexpected

Back To School Night Revealed

There's a Story Behind That

Waiting Rooms

Concept Grasped, Execution Elusive


The Architect's Wife

When It Rains...

Do Not Iron

Pear Decorating Fail

Thinking Outside the Box With Cushions

Where'd You Find That?

Flip Flopping Personality

Things I Never Thought I'd Say

Final Score:  Three For Three

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