Monday, September 13, 2010

Adventures on the Home Front

Brian is away on a business trip so I have been holding down the fort here at home taking care of the kids, getting Ethan to school, cleaning, doing laundry, and taking care of mouse traps.

I always have a harder time falling asleep when Brian is gone and so after lying awake for way too long, I finally started to doze off when, SNAP!  There was an incredibly loud thwacking sound from downstairs that completely freaked me out since it was midnight and no one enjoys being startled out of their sleep by a noise that shouldn't be there.  As I tried to figure out what to do like grab my phone and hysterically call someone, grab the kids and run out of the house screaming and then be "that neighbor", or grab the nearest heavy or blunt object I could find and go surprise whatever made the noise, it dawned on me that before Brian left, he set some mouse traps. These traps had been out all week after my run with a little wannabe pantry raider that left me standing on my desk chair looking for an object to throw.  Hence the loud snap/thwacking sound.  There is now one less mouse in the world. 

So, I felt kind of stupid when I realized that my sudden paranoia was exactly that: paranoia.  So, in spite of my intentions to get to bed early, I was up well past midnight.  I decided that I would wait until morning to take care of the mouse but, again, in spite of my intentions, I forgot until both of the boys were up and eating breakfast.  Fortunately, neither of them asked my why I was carrying the plastic bag around the house and why I needed to take it into the garage in my attempt to shield my two normally very curious children from pathetically squished mouse.  I think God had something to do with that sudden abatement of curiosity. 

In a very strange sort of way, I felt very...capable (I was going to say "womanly" but that seems funny in regards to cleaning up a dead mouse!) that I could handle the random and definitely not so fun tasks of being an adult and taking care of home without having to resort to calling my husband to clean up the mouse to "facilitate" the taking care of home (read: pass the buck).  While Brian is out there having his business adventures, we here on the home front are having adventures of a different kind.  Kind of like a safari, just with very non-exotic animals that don't happen to be alive and they are some that you would rather not see in the first place.  Okay, so not like a safari but labeling it that sounds cool.

On a side note, I'm really glad that Luke didn't find out what happened since right now, he is going through a huge Mickey Mouse phase and that probably would have scarred the poor child finding out what happened to one of his cousins since any mouse right now is "Mickey".  Have a wonderful and mouse-free week!

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