Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Today is a huge day! I'm so excited to announce our brand new site, Uncommon Grace!

While it is a big transition, and a little sad at the same time, I'm thrilled for what this new site is going to offer! The new address is uncommongrace.net and yes, that is our very own domain!

You'll be able to sign up to receive new posts through email and it will be easier to contact me through this new site so come check it out!

Uncommon Grace is all about the incredible grace that Jesus has offered us through His death on the cross. It is the kind of grace that touches and changes our lives in the most profound and wonderful sense. It is bittersweet as I've grown with this site since I've been blogging here for years; there have been a lot of changes and tweaks and I'm thrilled to have a site that is a perfect fit.

I'm keeping this site up because there is still a lot of great content here and will still post on it occasionally, but these will be some of my crafty and fun projects. It unfortunately won't be the once a week that I've been doing since between posting weekly at Uncommon Grace (at least at the moment- hopefully more in the future!), writing for Rest Ministries, and trying, oh so desperately, to get my book done in addition to trying to keep four children fed, clothed, and happy, I'm a bit... ummm... stretched thin. Like tissue paper thin...

But God is good :)

Make sure you sign up to receive emails from this site so you won't miss out on anything else here as we transition to Uncommon Grace!

Please help me get Uncommon Grace off to a great start! Check it out here and I'd love it if you'd follow- I've made it so easy to subscribe! I'd totally appreciate it if you'd share the new site too! It honestly takes a ton of work to get a new site off the ground and your help makes a huge difference.

I've redone some of the best content and my photography there as well as a new post just waiting for you to come visit! I'll see you at Uncommon Grace!

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