Chronic Illness

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First of all, if you are reading this page, I'd like to say that I'm so sorry since some sort of pain probably drew you here.  I understand; I really do and I wish this wasn't the case for you.  But, (and that is a BIG but!) God is so good even in our pain, no matter what type it is. 

Secondly, you aren't alone and if you are anything like me, that makes a huge difference.  And, as always, God is with us. 

My Story:  I've had fibromyalgia as long as I can remember; the aches and pains were there even when I was in kindergarten, but I really didn't think anything of them since that is how I always felt.  It took having a flare up so bad that I could barely walk while in high school to realize that something was drastically wrong and thus began my journey with fibro. 

I went through a period of grieving since it turned my life upside down.  My plans had to change completely because, while I could get healthier, there is no getting better as I'll have this disease the rest of my life.  It is a huge loss, but in my many conversations with God over it, He gently let me know that I only have one life and I can't spend it being bitter about being sick.  I still need to live fully with what He has given me.  I started writing...  The most amazing thing to me is how God has used this incredibly painful thing for profound good both in my life and in those around me.

In my journey, I have come across some wonderful resources for dealing with chronic illness and keeping a Godly perspective on it all.  This page is all about that and I hope that what has been good and useful for me can be helpful for you or someone you know.  Please check out my articles about what I've been learning through this and the links to other ministries that have really encouraged me!  Also, I love comments and please know that I read everything and would be more than happy to pray for you!

My Thoughts on Dealing With Chronic Illness
The Problem of Pain - about understanding and trusting God's purpose for our pain
Butter Scraped Over Too Much Bread - about my struggles with spreading myself too thin
On Falling Off the Face of the Planet -  on disappearing from life in illness and pride problems
Break Free - encouragement from a book by Mary Henderson about her story with fibromyalgia
On True Character - thoughts about where our value lies even in pain
Another Chance to Trust - about my struggle to trust God even in uncertainty about my illness
Other Chronic Illness Resources - a great resource from a Godly woman who lives with fibromyalgia - a website devote to serving those with all kinds of chronic illnesses started by a a Godly woman, Lisa Copen.  I feel really honored to be able to write for them, especially after all the encouragement I've been given.  Here are links to my articles with them and check out the other writers too; they are wonderful!

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