Friday, July 30, 2010

Flip Flopping Personality

Not too long ago, Brian bought me my favorite shoes ever, my Reef flip flops, and is evident in my photo, I've already broken them in. I wear them all the time and have probably over-identified with them.  Our shoes, like my Reefs, have a way of revealing our character.  My observations:

Rainbows, Reefs, or Teva Flip Flops:  These people are more interested in casual beachy, outdoorsy comfort than anything else.  They have such dedication to this type of footwear, they will wear these even in the rain, extreme cold, and only begrudgingly put on real shoes in the snow (maybe).

Any Other Flip Flops:  Generally not as die hard as the aforementioned flip flop wearers.  They like cute designs and sparkly rhinestones or platforms and they are more about what they look like than how they feel.  These people will more readily abandon the flip flop in inclement weather.

Stilettos:  Divas must love stilettos since they tend to wear them to places they shouldn't, like hiking because fashion is pain and completely worth it if just one person notices and compliments.

High tops:  These people either really liked the 80's and are on a quest to bring them back or have an obsession with the NBA since there are few other reasons to encase a whole foot and ankle in what is most likely synthetic material only manufactured to increase the sales of fabreeze.  Maybe weak ankles...

Light Up Character Shoes:  These people are usually in the six and under crowd since they are the ones who are most attracted to the shoes with Batman and Spiderman.  When these were at the height of popularity back in the day, the gang member adults who had to have them found them a liability when robbing stores at night since the light up feature made following the perpetrator incredibly elementary.  Now, just the elementary school kids like them...

Sandals with Socks:  These people need to be told that this is not more "dressy" despite what they might think and it does not matter that this is an acceptable practice in China.

Crocs:  People who wear these on a routine basis subscribe to the "comfy is king" mantra, though I've often seen these shoes and wondered why in the world do you name a comfort focused shoe after a man eating animal because, of course, I want to shove my foot down a crocodile's mouth.

Wingtips:  At the office, great.  Anywhere else, ummmmm... The phrase "unable to relax" comes to mind.  These people often are at odds with the flip flop crew.

Cowboy Boots:  Anyone who genuinely wears these will most likely call you "ma'am" or "sir".

Indoor Soccer Shoes:  People wearing these around on a regular basis probably don't play indoor at all.  They just want to look like they do.  This just horrifies all the real indoor players who can only think about how much wear this is putting on the shoes and how it will mess up their ball handling.

Vans/Sketchers:  This is the step up in formality from the flip flop and people who are a bit more concerned about their ability to walk long distances usually opt for these.  Or they are trying to relive their skater glory days from junior high.

Ballet Flats:  Girls who have embraced their inner dancer and femininity like these as a go to footwear option.  That or they used to be in the high heels category but now have children they might have to spontaneously chase down and they prefer not to break an ankle but aren't ready to go to the athletic shoes on a full time basis and hence feel like they have let themselves go.

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