Monday, July 12, 2010

The Quandry of Dessert

I'm losing my faith in desserts.  It isn't that they aren't good or fun or special but rather, my ability to enjoy them. 

I've always loved to bake; you could ask my little sister since we have been working on the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world for the past couple years.  Sorry, I'm not allowed to share the recipe with you though; I have been threatened with extremely painful consequences if I ever dare.  Trying new recipes and coming up with fun things to feed other people is such a fun, practical outlet for my creativity and it doesn't hurt that it is happily excepted especially by Brian and our boys. 

Sadly though, I have been told that I need to cut back on the baking and I agree.  We decided that we need to be more aware of what we are eating and so we have become huge label readers and my cookbook shows all the nutritional information underneath the recipe along with the serving size which is seldom obeyed in our family when it comes to my cookies, banana bread or sour cream coffee cake.  But, being healthy is better than...well... as you can see, I'm still trying to convince myself.

Tonight might have done it though.  We relaxed the moratorium on dessert making for Ethan's birthday.  Brian and I decided to make an ice cream cake with chocolate ganache for the birthday dessert.  After the many steps of freezing layers and assembling, it was finally looking oh so delectable when Brian thought he would check the nutritional info. 

"So, do you think we could get 16 slices out of that thing?"

"  Is that the number of servings?"

"For the smaller version."

"Uh Oh."

So, I'm now contemplating how I would feel eating that and existing on water.  But, I'm not sure that I'll be able to enjoy the chocolaty and coffee-ish goodness knowing that my arteries are probably being narrowed with each bite.  Hence my losing faith in desserts.

Brian did say, though, "Well, we did use light whip cream..."  That made me feel a little better and maybe...just maybe...  There's some rationalization for you!

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