Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let's Just Call It a Graphic Print

I walked into our bonus room recently and suddenly realized some redecoration had taken place without my knowledge.   A little person who I know well and love had decided that the room did not have near enough blue, his favorite color, for his liking.  Luke took matters into his own hands and as is evident in the photos, he was quite proud of his handiwork.

Shortly later, I discovered the blue crayon rampage had not been contained only to the bonus room.  A section of wall in his room hidden by his tool bench had also received his artistic treatment.

So I did what any normal parent would do and took out the camera and made my child pose by his artwork.  I do fully accept responsibility should this incident happen again and I find him standing next to the scribbles and saying cheese.

However, when I went to make him scrub the walls and the chair, I realized the creative episode was much more extensive than I first thought.  Not only was blue crayon on the walls but the window sill, the toy tool bench, the decorative pillows, the toy box and the bed sheets.  This left me wondering the age old question all mothers sometimes ask themselves:  "Where in the world was I?"

In my defense, this happened during "nap time" and it explains why my child seemed extraordinarily tired after it was over.  Consequently, art supplies are no longer kept in Stephen's room. 

As I sat with him during Operation De-Scribble, I thought I would try to pound the point home to him that is not acceptable behavior.  Hoping to give him a chance to redeem himself, I asked, "Do we color on walls?"


Apparently, scrubbing with a magic eraser is fun too.

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