Monday, August 2, 2010

The Missing Link... I Mean, Cord

Saturday night, I thought I would get ahead of some of my writing for this week since I had a few great ideas and wanted to start working on them.  I grabbed my computer and went to plug in, sit down, and start work.  I never made it past the first step.  My cord was supposed to be in the bonus room where I had left it.  This was only half true.  Half of the cord was there unplugged from the brick portion which was missing.  It was perfectly obvious who the culprits were since what was left of my cord was tied up with the vacuum cleaner cord.  Boba Fett (action figure, of course, not the real one) was then tied to the vacuum cleaner cord in what looked to be a zip line attempt.  My boys are quite the adventure seekers, apparently, and loved listening to their uncle's stories about running a zip line. 

With no battery and half a power cord, I gave up the writing endeavor for that night.  But, I did feel quite satisfied that I now have photographic evidence of who is taking and hiding my things.  And, I am just going to be watching the boys very closely for any zip line attempts with their person, though.

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