Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where'd You Find That?

A long time ago, I left a brand new pair of absolutely adorable earrings on my nightstand.  I came back a short time later and they were not there.  Ethan was two at the time and Luke had yet to arrive so it was rather obvious who the culprit was (and no, it wasn't my husband).  I searched high and low for those earrings but no sign ever materialized.  Pretty sure they went down one of the air vents in the floor since Ethan was particularly enthralled with those at the time.  And my sadness at losing those earrings was brought back afresh when I wore the matching necklace yesterday, yes, three years after their mysterious disappearance.  I do acknowledge that I need to move on but this got me thinking about the odd places things tend to go in my house.  My little "helpers" are very good at keeping me on my toes.  Here are some of our most notable occurrences:
  • Pizza toppings from a little boy's lunch found, intact, laid out on the staircase.
  • A piece of poop on the bonus room floor.
  • My tank top, used as a towel, placed in the trash can.
  • Plastic game piece beans from Don't Spill the Beans in the air conditioning vent.
  • One child sized pair of shoes inside an adult pair of shoes enabling them to fit little feet properly.
  • My cell phone hidden in a water-filled bath toy boat.
  • Keys in the refrigerator.
  • A stuffed Angel's Rally Monkey hanging in a tree outside ("Monkeys like trees", I was told nonchalantly by the culprit).
  • My dust buster, dismantled, hidden under an end table.
  • A plastic pizza from the Ninja Turtles' turtle van pizza shooter inside my shoe.
  • A checker from Connect Four adhered to Ethan's cheek after he fell asleep on it.
  • Five Sippy cups stashed under my bed.
  • Two pacifier in my baking dishes (note: these are no longer allowed in our house).
  • Three granola bars, two toy cars, golf ball, bottle of nail polish and the TV remote control inside the subwoofer with an empty water bottle plugging the hole.

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