Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Star Wars Birthday

Today is Ethan's fifth birthday and to celebrate the occasion, he has been wearing a crown around the house all day.  He will probably be wearing it out to dinner as well.  I made the mistake of telling him that since it is his birthday, he can do whatever he wants which means that he has played video games all morning and is now starting another one and asking me how to load it as I type.  But since Ethan is the self appointed birthday king, Lego Indiana Jones is back on and he is quite the happy camper today!

Ethan has been asking when his birthday is coming again since the week after he turned four.  His excitement level has been palpable for weeks as we started counting down to today. 

Yesterday, we ran errands for several hours finding his birthday crown, looking at every single toy in Toys R Us deciding what to spend birthday money on, picking birthday dessert, and most importantly, learning to never ever leave really cute Darth Vader birthday candles in the car during the summer because wax light sabers are liable to go limp. 

The most fun thing about all of it though has been learning more about my son as I've been listening to him tell me what he wants to do for his birthday and what he hopes to get.  Some of the more useful things I have learned:
  • Anything would be an amazing gift if it has Star Wars anything on it.
  • The cake must be a Star Wars cake.
  • The cups I bought for the party are unacceptable because they are clear and not covered with Star Wars graphics. 
  • He wants blue milk to drink.
  • One can never have too many light sabers, according to Ethan.
If it isn't yet apparently obvious, he wants a Star Wars birthday and has very much a one track mind at the moment.  He even went so far to tell me the other day that Yoda turned to him from the screen to Empire Strikes Back and told him that he is the real Luke Skywalker and he now says he is only pretending to be Ethan.  He was a bit disappointed though, when we refused to continually refer to him as Luke Skywalker. 

The rest of our day is going to be consumed with birthday fun and opening presents, which might I add, are Star Wars themed- big surprise, right?!  It seems like it hasn't been five years that this little man has been part of our family and I thank God daily for him.  And I'm sure that tomorrow, the question of when Ethan's birthday is coming again will be posed!

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