Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Contentment in the Shoe Aisle

You know that you have a problem when you decide to open up an email from a shoe store when you need NOTHING and then click on it to see what they have on the store website even when there is no sale.  You know you really have a problem when you find the cutest shoes in the world on the site and even though they cost more than you almost ever spend on shoes, you try to think of an outfit you have that doesn't have matching shoes that would look perfect with brown wedges and thereby creating a reason you NEED the shoes.

Such was my depravity today.  Since my mom is on the other side of the country and I "needed" to show somebody, I emailed her a link.  But, it was way to early for her to be up yet given the three hour time difference so I decided that I would email the link to Brian as I really wanted to show them to someone else in my excitement.  For the record, I did apologize for treating him like a girlfriend.  

Brain wrote back, "[In my best girlfriend voice] I so love them! They are adorable! You should like totally get them! :-)"  He's such a good sport!

Shoes are fun and as one lady from my MOPS group said last year, "Shoes and purses are such faithful friends!" as opposed to the jeans I had from before I had kids who chose to abandon me for several years and have only recently decided to reconcile and submit to being worn.  Hence my love of shoes.  And while I definitely don't have the inventory of a small shoe store in my closet, contentment with them has been an issue over the years.  Because really, how many shoes can I actually wear?  My callouses on my feet will testify that I do not wear shoes all the time either. And I don't think when Jesus said that we shouldn't worry because God always provides for us that means I get to have a pair for everyday of the month; not even close.  But somehow, I can always find a new, adorable pair.  Today, I acknowledge that I love shoes too much and that I need to quit clicking on links.  But, they are cute, aren't they?!!!

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