Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There's a Story Behind That

I'm a sign reader.  Any printed word that it out there for viewing, I notice and read.  While this particularly bothers Brian when we go to a museum since he's ready to go before I've finished the first room, it is fun since I get to learn new things.  Sometimes however, signs just leave me with more questions.

This one is by our local grocery store and I've oft wondered why they needed to label the large rock.  Yes, it is a large rock and I do notice it every time I drive by on the way to pick up some milk.  There are other rocks of similar size in the parking lot and my curiosity has plagued me with the desire to know why this one is only one receiving such recognition.  I really wish I knew the story behind that.

Lately, there have been many occurrences where I wish I could find out the story behind the spectacle.  For instance, last weekend, I was in a Best Buy and noticed there was a man looking at printers.  This customer was in every way ordinary except for the presence of a holster on his belt.  And in his holster was a pair of scissors.  Because you never know when you are going to need to snip something, I suppose.

My brother just texted me that he saw a man walking around in Santa Cruz wearing a rabbit on his head.  Because a rabbit will work just as well as a hat if your head is cold and is the ultimate way to wear fur and not offend PETA.

Several years ago, I noticed a guy driving down my parents' street with the hood of his car up nonchalantly hanging his head out the driver's window so he could see where he was going.  He had come around the corner this way and halfway down the street, he stopped, got out of his car, pushed the hood down, got back in and continued as if nothing had happened.  Because hoods on cars are made to be up while driving; it was the latest trend, I guess.

Most likely, I will never get to know the story behind any of these but then, I think not knowing is part of the fun.  But, I'm not sure the older lady who was parked next to the sign would agree with me as I took the photo and then drove away.  I think she thought I was taking a picture of her which would explain her scared look and she's probably wondering why she's being followed.

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  1. I particularly enjoyed this post & laughed heartily while reading it. My hubby & I often take pictures of funny signs that leave us wondering what the sign poster was thinking.