Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book Bargains

This week, my mom sent me a package containing some amazing, old, timeworn books some of which date back to the 1800's (Thanks, Mom!).  I love books far too well as is evidenced by my three bookcases filled up in my bonus room with piles of books in my bedroom, living room with more stashed away in boxes in our attic.  But these new additions (or editions, if you will!) are so special they are on display on our mantel in our living room.  In honor of my love for antiques and books coming together in such a fun way, I thought I would share my favorite website for buying books: is responsible for a fair share of our library and carries many of the old classics like the lesser known but amazing writer Stephen Charnoc and some really cool reference books like Calvin's commentaries that are hard to find.  While shipping isn't all that fast, it is a great place for deals on books that aren't time sensitive.  I always feel much more like an adult when I've been reading and being mentally active after taking car of kids all day.  I cuts down on my usage of baby talk thus my need for a steady supply of inexpensive, deep books.  As a plus, my favorite set of C.S. Lewis books came from there too!  Happy reading!

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