Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Sticky Situation

Life gets sticky sometimes, quite literally if you live in a house with the preschool crowd.
Months and months ago for Easter, the boys received Easter eggs with a gel like play dough type substance that I strongly suspect is a knockoff of Gak from my childhood.  We just opened it a few days ago and it has been a hit, again quite literally.

This photo is of Brian and Luke trying to remove it from the pillow that adhered to Brian's shirt when he stood up from the couch.  Luke thought it would be fun to shape it into a ball and throw it at daddy.

Shortly afterwards, Brian decided to follow suit and throw it at my face.  Unfortunately, he missed.  I say unfortunately since I spent the next twenty minutes trying to extricate my hair from the gel blob.  I now have a lot more sympathy for the fruit flies we caught with the sticky paper (from the post Catching Fruit Flies... And Ethan in May).

I've given up thinking that if I am a good enough parent, that I can control these things.  As if somehow being more organized is going to help me avoid flying balls of goo.  My new credo is expect the unexpected so when the unexpected comes, it isn't a surprise and hopefully, I can deal with it more in stride since control is really just an illusion as my children have firmly established.  But, on a practical note, does anyone have any ideas how to remove the blob-y stuff from my upolstery?  I really do like that pillow!

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