Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One of Those Days

Today has just been one of those days so I don't really have any deeper truth to offer; just a story of good intentions and ensuing chaos, which is probably typical of most households.  Except that it happened here all at once.

On Friday at two in the afternoon, Luke came down with a fever of 103.3 degrees and so like any rational mother, I begged and pleaded to get a doctor's appointment before the weekend since The Gremlin, as he is known, was lying completely listless and glassy eyed on the couch even after I administered Tylenol.  One ear infection diagnosis and prescription later from the best doctors' office ever, we were home again and my weekend plans were out the window since Fever Boy became our priority.

We went to be exhausted after a weekend of filled with medicating, cold compressing, and of course, a Fantasy Football draft for Brian (very important, but I still wonder how guys can stare at the draft board and discuss it for longer than the actual draft took).  But, sleep proved to be elusive because Brian and I made a very important discovery shortly after going to bed:  Luke sleep walks.

I will never know how the two year old managed to walk from his room to ours in partial darkness with his eyes closed without bumping into anything.  We picked him up and held him for few minutes trying to decide if that was really sleep walking when he woke up and was completely confused as he was trying to figure out where he was.  It was not a good night for night terrors either and so we woke up exhausted this morning and I'm now contemplating locking his door at night to prevent any more nighttime wanderings since the stairs are far too close to his room for comfort.  It seems like doing that might make me a bad mom but I'm also concerned that knowingly allowing my two year old to wander the house while asleep with stairs close by would also make me a bad mom.  Such have been my musings all this exhausted day as I cleaned up suspicious puddles, removed climbing children from furniture and tried to find all the checkers from the game Connect Four that somehow were mistaken as projectiles.  Thus, deeper thought eludes me.

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