Thursday, June 3, 2010

War of the Socks

Today is laundry day.  I say this with a certain bit of shame given that due to busyness, sickness, and a beach weekend, it has not happened for... never mind.  And today is not just laundry day but the Great War of Laundry.  It is me versus the clothes and linens... and I'm not sure who is winning. 

To get matters moving faster, I gave the boys the task of bringing down the dirty clothes from the hampers upstairs and by bringing down, I mean tossing it over the second floor balcony.  It amazes me that every time we do laundry, both boys immediately abandon whatever they are doing an beg to assist me.  I didn't want them to carry the basket of clothes down the stairs so the toss over method evolved and now they actually argue over who gets to toss the clothes over.  I just have to be super aware so the blocks don't start taking the fast route to the wood flooring downstairs too. 

After the collecting phase of the operation was complete, we started the washing phase and the folding lines.  Don't even get me started on the matchless socks occupying a laundry basket; this has been a point of contention between me and Brian as he thinks I should throw away everything that doesn't have a match whereas I know how the kids like to hide things and think just when I throw something out, is when the other will be found.  My sneaking suspicion is though that these matchless socks are breeding and creating more matchless socks because new ones are appearing and they are socks that I have never seen before.  If anyone is missing a white ankle high athletic sock with a blue strip, let me know.  You can have it back. 

It constantly surprises me how much laundry is actually produced by our family of four.  Even though the kids' clothes are small, they make up for it in quantity since I think they sometimes go out and roll directly in dirt.  Hence was my decision last year to try to make my own laundry detergent since even though a bottle isn't horribly expensive, we go through it faster than our current congress is spending money.  Yes, that fast.  My experiment was a success and the $3 of ingredients I used have provided me with detergent since last summer and it smells really good, which is probably the most important point since I have to smell every scent in Bath and Body Works before making a decision. 

But, back to my laundry war:  I was trying to put away the mountains of laundry when I realized I have a slight organizational issue with my closet i.e. there is no organization whatsoever.  So out come everything and now there is laundry, albeit clean, all over every surface in my kitchen, the linen closet is empty, dirty clothes are covering my entry way several inches thick, and my two little "helpers" have disappeared to watch "Peter Pan" for the third time today.  Apparently, what I am doing is that boring to them.  And so, I turn to the computer to blog about it and escape the war for a little R&R before getting entrenched again.  But, I did call Brian at work to warn him that he is about to walk into a combat zone upon his arrival home from the urban jungle.  Fair trade, right?

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