Saturday, June 5, 2010

Multitasking to a Whole New Level

I would like to officially apologize to anyone who noticed a blue SUV driving erratically yesterday.  There actually was a very good reason for the lady driving the car to be waving her flip flop around like a lunatic while trying to successfully navigate the highway interchange.  Here's the background information:

I am terribly arachnophobic.  This isn't just "I dislike spiders", but rather a full-on neurotic fear of them.  Please don't tell me that I am a thousand times bigger than they are.  I know this and yet, there is no abatement of fear.  When I was little, during a plentiful time of black widow spiders, my parents very wisely explained that we never put our hands where we can't see.  However, this translated to me being afraid to even stick my toes down into my bed at night because I was terrified that the black widows were purposely encamped there just waiting to feast upon my feet.  Unfounded, I know, but still a part of my psyche.  Now to my grown up self:  I once encountered the offspring of Shelob (that's a most horrific spider larger than my said SUV for all you non-Tolkien reading Hobbits out there) in my laundry room.  I discovered it is actually possible to climb smooth walls.  And then, my fears were only further confirmed when a poor friend of mine suffered an extreme spider bite this past week, presumably from a brown recluse. 

Such was my state of mind when I was returning home from an errand when a small but vicious looking spider, whom I am sure was poisonous, made it's appearance walking on the inside of my windshield just inches from my face.  There was no place to pull over.  There was no place to stop.  If it fell, it would have fallen on me, horror of all horrors.  Luckily, I was wearing flip flops so I appointed one as my weapon of death for this arachnid.  As soon as I started swinging at it, it obviously realized this crazy girl meant it no good and it understandably started running.  And my terror of it falling on me intensified.  I was so thrilled when we had to stop at a red light and I was able to squish it.  I might add though, that my boys were giggling all throughout this episode and apparently seem to be free of arachnophobia, thankfully.  So, if you saw me, I am sorry and I hope my explanation helps explain why there was an extra moron out on the streets yesterday.

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