Friday, June 11, 2010

How Many Bags?!

The question of the day is, "Why is traveling so much work?"  I mean, it is supposed to be a vacation, right?  And although this trip is a little different since it is for a wedding and I am the matron of honor, I have been musing about how much stuff I am carting across the country to the wonderful land of amazing Mexican food (Campbell's tomato soup passes for enchilada sauce around here... but that is another story).  I'm lucky in that I will be able to do laundry while I am there and thus don't need to bring nearly as much but it still seems a bit ridiculous how much four people actually need and how much effort it takes to pack it all.  I've been doing laundry it seems for days trying to get every thing clean so I can pick out outfits and leave the house as clean as possible.  In the later hours last night while I was finishing getting the kids' all ready to go, a certain thought dawned on me:  why do we, people, actually need stuff?  Dogs don't need stuff and birds don't need stuff.  Our pet hamster has stuff but that is only because we thought that she needed it.  Such were my deep (or very shallow as the case may be) philosophical musings as I decided how many pairs of socks each child would need. 

When I was little, the hardest part of getting ready for vacation was to pick what book I wanted to read and what toys to entertain myself in the car.  It was so easy, I practically just got my six year old self in the car when I was told.  Now I think I understand why my mom always seemed so tired in the week before we left and now why people say they need a vacation from the vacation when they have little kids.  Now my concern is to figure out how to entertain my energetic boys on the plane for hours on end without resorting to bribery for quiet.  Though, the candy did work well last time.

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