Monday, June 20, 2011


Today is a small milestone for me and our family: I am now 35 weeks pregnant and officially feeling like a beached whale.  I have been incredibly blessed to have been off bed rest for a while now but have been neglecting writing since it seems like there have been so many more urgent things to do with a new baby on the way.  And while many people have referred to this as "nesting" I just say that all my cleaning is inspired by fear of what our new reality will soon be:  three boys.  And, with three little men combined with sleep deprivation, not much is going to be happening as soon as number three decided to make his debut.  Even more so, I remember how much piled up while I was on bed rest and do not wish to repeat the experience.  That and during that spell, Luke decided that he does not like to wear clothing all that much and was reveling in the fact that there was not that much that I could do about it when confined to a stationary position.  I am expecting some similar sort of experimentation on his part in the coming weeks when I am busy with a newborn.  Ethan, on the other hand, has plans already to take care of his new brother and has been helping me around the house with a maturity that I would expect of a ten year old.  He even told me when we were doing laundry and I was staring pathetically at the pile of socks on the floor wishing could will them up into my hands, "Mommy, I don't want you bending.  I'll pick it up for you!"  Such is my five year old! 
Even more problematic for me at the moment is my inability to keep a consistent train of thought going...  I actually don't know what I started out planning on writing about when I began this post.  The ironic thing is that pretty soon, I'll be happy to just get to sleep a couple hours in a row and I'll think that my current state is very high functioning.  But now, I think I need to go finish getting the nursery ready since I haven't put his name up on the wall or organized the closet because a newborn really cares about those sort of things ;-) !

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  1. You are blogging again!!! Surprise! This is a good sign :) Never fear...kk is on the way! I have been known to successfully conquer a "few" loads of laundry in the past, and I am at your service! CANNOT WAIT!!!