Saturday, April 23, 2011

A New Adventure

I have discovered something very interesting about myself:  it seems that I have a very difficult time writing while I am pregnant.  Yes, we are in fact having another baby!

I have obviously taken a very long and unexpected hiatus from the frequent blogging that I previously enjoyed thanks to the joys of morning sickness so horrible that it ultimately culminated in a brief hospital stay.  Now, thanks to medication for the never ending feeling similar to an around-the-world sailing trip and prescribed bed rest (more on that later...), I return to the computer screen. 

Our little one, our third boy, is due July 25th this summer and we are so excited to meet this precious new member of our family.  We are also prepared for mass chaos given our soon to be even greater estrogen-to-testosterone ratio inequality.  Or, more accurately, our chaos will just continue and increase.  (I have decided, as the only female in the household, I am entitled to buy all the air freshener and candles that I want in my quest to balance things out.)  Ethan and Luke are absolutely ecstatic to have another brother too and I can't wait to see all of my three boys together!

Unfortunately, when I hit 25 weeks, I started having some contractions so my doctor put me on bed rest hence my extra time to write since I am now banned from doing housework.  Fortunately, our new little man is doing well and kicking up a storm but I am relegated to my bed and the couch.  And while this might sound like any mother's dream, I have to admit that I am officially going crazy on what is now day 6 of the bed rest saga since the weather has been beautiful and I just want to take a walk.  I have also had an inexplicable desire to do laundry.  Go figure. I think this must be one of the great mysteries of life: why household chores are so appealing when I am unable to do them.  Whatever the answer to this utterly non-profound question is, I am sure that the rest of this journey is sure to be an adventure!


  1. I'm sorry about the craziness you've been going through, but I'm glad you're adding to your family and that you're blogging again! :D

  2. Hang in there Sara! Glad to hear you are adding another little one, even if it is a boy! Just kidding, I think a house full of boys sounds so adventurous and active. I know you are one loved woman!
    Glad you are back, I have miss your posts. :)