Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween: Angry Birds Style

Last year, we decided it would be really fun to dress up thematically for Halloween.  At least, I decided that would be fun while the boys would still go for it and Brian would humor me.  I've been looking back nostalgically this year since the boys thought it was so fun dressing up as a group that they want to do it again this year just this time Avengers style.  This means, however, that being the only girl, I automatically get to be Black Widow with the cat suit as I accompany a miniature Hulk, Captain America and Thor around the neighborhood.  I'm somewhat doubtful that would be as cute as last year's white angry bird costume on me!

So many people asked me though how I made last year's costumes that I thought I would share it since it was really easy, and as I usually strive for, really economical. 

I picked up $2 tees at the local craft store and a coordinating piece of felt for each (except fort the baby- we just taped felt to his onesie!).  I cut the felt into ovals and hot glued it on.  The hats are just cheap beanies from Walmart using craft foam cut into the shapes, hot glued together and tacked on with needle and threat.  It was really easy since I used a can to trace the circles and the beaks are just a folded diamond shape to get them to point downwards.  Tacking took extra time but it meant the beanies could stretch without ripping the glue off.  The pumpkins are the green ones for $1 at Walmart and we transformed them into pigs using more of the craft foam and hot glue.  I made the ears by cutting out a thick U shape so the ends of the U acted like tabs to glue onto the pumpkins hence giving our pigs ears.  All in all, I think I spent about $25 at most for all of us!

So, I'll let you know if I end up dressing up as the Avengers with the boys... 

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